Add & Elegance To Your Dining Room With Bar Stools

Bar stools are becoming increasingly popular for furnishing the kitchen and dining rooms. They come in various styles and can be used for accentuating the decor of  any room. Dining room is the place where everyone gather, whether family members or guests, and hence requires more seating options. Adding bar stools is the best way to add that extra seating and yet not making the room look crowded. They come in various shapes, sizes, heights and fabrics that add style and functionality to the dining room.

It can be a challenging task to choose the perfect bar stool that integrates with the décor of your dining room effortlessly. Some people would like bar stools to be stationery while some would like them to swivel. However, there are some important things that must be kept in mind before selecting bar stools for your dining room. Here are a few guidelines that can help you:

Killeen furnitureChoosing the right height: In order to determine what should be the height of your bar stool, measure the height of your table or counter. A distance of 9”-13” is required between the seat and the counter for maximum seating comfort. Generally, bar stools’ heights are 28”-30” that can be paired with a table or counter having 40”-42” height. The bar stools available in market comfortably fit under the counter or table, with or without arms.

Choosing the right style: It is imperative that the bar stools you are incorporating into your dining room should not overpower its décor and theme of the dining room. You can choose from designer leather seat bar stools, traditional wood stools, metal stools, upholstered stools, stools with or without back and swivel stools. It all depends on the style of a bar stool if it will fit in your dining room or not.

Determining how many stools can fit: There should be enough space between all stools so that people do not bump their elbows into each other while eating, drinking or socializing. Bar stools that swivel and have arms may need a bit more space than other ones.

There is no substitute for style and a bar stool is the perfect piece of dining room furniture.  Whether the theme of your dining room is traditional, contemporary or rustic, bar stools can definitely help in enhancing its appearance.