Different Chairs For Different Purposes

Chairs are an important piece of furniture as they serve the purpose of seating. Depending on the requirement they are available in various designs, styles, height and materials. Chairs add to the comfort, style and decor of a home or office.

The various types of chairs available at different furniture stores are:

Arm Chairs: These are meant for comfortable seating and can be used for sitting for long hours. These chairs usually form the part of office, lounge, library or the living room furniture.

Office Chairs: The main purpose behind their design is to assist in maintaining a good posture and reduce the stress on the back experienced during long office hours. These ergonomic chairs provide comfort and help enhance efficiency and creativity.
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Lounge Chairs: They are meant for relaxation as they allow the person to stretch his legs comfortably while enjoying his favorite drink or sunbathing. These chairs are normally found in the patio area or  near the swimming pool.

Dinning Chairs: These are meant to provide a comfortable dining experience. Their height, material and style is usually complementary with that of the dining table.

Chair & Half: It is another type of lounge chair that is slightly larger than a chair but smaller than a love seat. These chairs due to their resourcefulness can be found in the living room as well as the bedroom.

Wing Chairs: These are characterized by side panels or wings on the back which can provide comfortable surface to rest one’s head on.

Club Chairs: These chairs have cushions with lower backs. They are usually upholstered with leather but are also available in other fabrics. They are usually found in gentleman’s clubs and other luxury clubs.

Occasional Chairs: These chairs are usually bought as decorative pieces and rarely serve as seating chairs for the guests. These can be in expensive materials and serve the purpose of a decorative item in the living room.

High Chairs: These chairs are meant for infants as they help them rise to the adult’s table and enjoy a meal with everybody else in the family. These chairs usually come with a detachable tray. Being portable they can be kept in any part of the house.

With so many chairs available one has a huge variety to choose from. They serve different purposes and suiting to the needs of the individual fit in the décor of any house.