Wood Furniture Maintenance Tips

An investment in furniture can last for generations provided you take proper care. Wood furniture comes with a big list of do’s and don’ts, which is a continuous process. The major factor that determines the custom wood furniture care and cleaning is the type of finish on the wood and the type of wood. Here are a few tips for everyday wood care that may help in keeping your furniture look its best: Killeen Furniture

  • Dusting: You should regularly dust the furniture, as frequent dusting tends to reduce the airborne deposits, which make up a film layer on the furniture and can cause scratches the surface. For dusting use classic feather duster or treated cloths, soft and lint free cloths or terry towels. Always try to dust in the direction of the grains as it would help in holding distinctive patterns in the wood.
  • Cleaning: Using sprays to clean the furniture are also very helpful in maintaining it for a longer period. However some precautions should be kept in mind while doing so. You should never use all-purpose cleaning sprays for the furniture as it may be harsh for some of the finishes. In case of any sticky spot, dip a cloth in mild soap dissolved in water to wipe the area. Rinse it and dry with a clean cloth immediately.
  • Storage: The wooden furniture can easily be damaged due to humidity. Therefore, it is advisable to not to place it in an area with too much or too little humidity. If you are planning to store your furniture in the basement area, then you should get a dehumidifier.

If you are aware of the type of finish on your wood furniture, follow the appropriate procedure for its maintenance. Here are some of the common types of wood finishing and the methods to maintain them:

  • Paint: For finishes with paints use solution of mild, non- abrasive detergent with warm water. You should always wring the cloth to nearly dry and work on small sections. Do not forget to rinse it with clear water and dry the surface after cleaning. To touch up the painted surface use a matching paint.
  • Varnish: For varnished finishes use a damp dust regularly.  The tough spots should be treated with diluted liquid solutions. While polishing such furniture use a chamois leather cloth or spray polish with the help of a cloth.
  • Wax: Never use detergents on the furniture with finish made of wax as it may make it look dull. You can use soapflake’s or buy a ready-mixed soapy wood cleaner from the market.