Smart Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Small space can be made more efficient by adding furniture with tactful storage space. Here are a few tricks and tips which are easy to be implemented in a small footprint space and will help in enhancing the functionality of your home or office.

  • Hanging Lamps: Lamps are an essential part of the décor of your house but in smKilleen Furnitureall spaces, they take up a lot of space. You can use ceiling lamps which do not take any of your floor space and add a sense of elegance to your living room, kitchen or bedroom. You can also use a pendant or a chandelier that will inject your personality in the room and add on to its value.
  • Multi-purpose furniture: The tiny rooms demand the conservations and tactful use of space. Hence, use multi-purpose furniture such as a long sofa that serves as a guest bed during the night. Similarly, an ottoman can serve as a stool as well as a coffee table.
  • Built-In: Using built-in furniture can also be very helpful in maximizing the limited floor space of the house and eliminates the need to buy extra furniture. You can build these during the construction of the house and just cover it with cushions, pillows, plush fabric with overhead lighting.
  • Add visual impact: You can hang an oversize mirror in a small space for the illusion of space and make the room appear larger. You can position the mirror opposite a window so that maximum amount of natural light can be reflected throughout the space.
  • Convert a closet: If the small space has a lot of closets, you can convert one into a work zone or sitting area. You can use curtains in this area to make the space look decluttered.
  • Slim down: Opt for counters, refrigerators and shelves which are comparatively narrower as compared to the standard size. A tall cabinet with small shelves and deep drawers can help in maximizing the storage space of the house.
  • Use nesting tables: These are perfect for making a lot of storage out of a small space. The lower table can be pulled out whenever required and can be used as a coffee table or study table. The nesting table can be easily tucked away when your work is done. Thus, saving a lot of space and make the space look clean.