Ways To Use An Ottoman In Your Home

An ottoman is primarily designed to be used as a footrest or footstool. Placed along the chair or sectional sofa, it allows you to rest your legs and relax. You can even create a comfy study area with a chair and ottoman.

However, ottomans have come a long way when we look up to their uses. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors, they are not just a piece of furniture to be used as a footstool. They can be used in various other ways, few of which have been listed below:

Stool or couchKilleen Furniture

If you are looking for a small stool or couch that does not take up much space, an ottoman comes can be the right choice. You just need to place it against a wall and add a few cushions. This is a perfect way to use an ottoman as an alternative to a couch.

Extra seat in the room

Ottomans can also be used to add seating space in your living room or dining area when the sofa/chairs have been occupied by the guests. You can even use it as a day bed by placing against a sectional sofa.


An ottoman eliminates the need of a lounger in the room. A long futon- like ottoman can act as a lounger for you to rest comfortably. It serves as a perfect alternative when you wish to relax or watch a movie.

Coffee table

Ottomans are a stylish replacement for coffee tables. Their height and shape make them a perfect option to serve drinks to your guests. You can even use it like a regular table to hold magazines, vases and books. If you have a low height ottoman, you can use it as an end table or side table for your bed.

Increased storage

The hollow space underneath the ottoman seat can be used to store books, electronic accessories, extra blankets, kids’ toys etc. You can buy an ottoman with a hinged or removable top. The storage space can also be in the form of an open shelf or hollow box.

Decorative piece of furniture

Apart from being functional, ottomans are great piece to create a point of emphasis. An ottoman in rich color and texture, placed in a room adds a quotient of extravagance. Ottomans with upholstered top serve as a decorative furniture item for your living room decor.

The above mentioned uses will help you put your ottoman to the right use.