How To Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

Elegant looking furniture items can make any bedroom look luxurious and can accentuate the overall look of the place. Here we have listed certain tips and tricks to upgrade your bedroom and make it look more luxurious.

Bed – Bed is the most crucial furniture article that can add luxury to the bedroom space. A wider and bigger bed exhibits a royal look. Therefore, add a king or queen size bed with upholstered headboard for an elegant and decorative finish.

Nightstand – A functional yet stylish piece of furniture which can give a deluxe look to the bedroom is a nightstand. Therefore, opt for a top notch nightstand having lined drawer design with sleek appearance.

Add Stylish Seating – If you have a vacant nook or corner in your bedroom then consider adding a stylish chair or seating facility. This will not only give you a space to sit but also act as the focal point of your room.

Mirrors – Installing a mirror in your room will you give an extra edge as not only are they functional but can also help in making your bedroom look spacious.

Pillows – Add the tinge of luxury to your bedroom by pilling up some pillows on your bed. Throw pillows and cush-ions made using fabrics such as velvet, silk or faux fur will do the needful.

Drapes – Curtains hung from a height define royalty and create an illusion of bigger bedroom space. So add drapes and curtains to add to the luxury factor. Also, make sure that the curtains you choose perfectly comple-ment the other furniture items in the bedroom.

Wall Art – A wall art cannot take a back seat when it comes to decorating bedroom in a luxurious manner. Thus, an artistic masterpiece perfectly hung on top of bedhead can add beauty to the place.

Lamp – Bedroom lamps can be selected to provide illumination in style. Thus, modern lamp lighting such as lamps with colorful metallic body and tinted glass can be placed in the bedroom.

Layout – A luxurious look is not necessarily obtained by just adding the furniture. How the furniture items are ar-ranged can also make a lot of difference. Make sure that your bedroom doesn’t look congested and over-stuffed with furniture articles.

Color And Texture – The color and texture are important elements for luxury. The furniture with completely different shades and looks will impede richness of the place. Therefore, bedroom should be designed keeping in mind the décor and theme of the room.


Space Saving Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Space is always a constraint in small bedrooms. After placing the necessary furniture such as a bed, cupboard, dresser etc., it becomes quite difficult to find enough storage space for the daily essentials. However, by using some innovative ideas and making smart choices when buying furniture, you can definitely make the most out of the available space in your bedroom. Furniture Killeen Texas

Here are some space saving furniture ideas that will help you to keep all your necessary items without making the room look congested.

  • Shelves on Free Walls: The free wall of the room can be used for installing built-in shelves. You can keep your books, photo frames and lot of other stuff in these shelves. You can create different sections in the shelves to keep all the items in an organized manner.
  • Shelves behind the Bed: Shelves starting from the headboard to the ceiling can be a great way to organize all your valuable items like books and laptop. You can even display a beautiful scenery to accentuate the look of the shelves. The best thing is that these shelves take less space to accommodate a plethora of items.
  • Beds with Storage: When buying a bed, make sure you go for the one that has storage space underneath. These can store large items and do not take any extra space in your room. The storage space can be used to keep quilts, clothes and other items that are not used in routine.
  • Installing New Floor: To take the full advantage of the high ceiling and to increase the sleeping space, you can make a sleeping platform at the corner. Install a ladder to climb up to bed. Make sure that the ladder and new sleeping space is strong enough. The advantage of installing a new floor for sleepover is that siblings sharing same room will have their privacy maintained.
  • Dressing Table: A dressing table is another beautiful way to store your items. You can buy a wall mounted dressing table to avoid taking up the valuable floor space. If you go for a floor mount dresser, make sure you choose the one that comes with many drawers and shelves to keep your cosmetics, keys, documents and other important stuff.

For efficiently utilizing the space in your bedroom, you need to be more creative. Ottomans, benches and other seating furniture can also be used to add to the seating area while getting extra storage space.