Furnishing A Kid’s Room

Shopping for a kid’s room can be a tedious task. There are plenty of options to recreate the entire look of your kid’s room. Make sure the furniture you are buying cater to the growing needs of your kids. It is essential to chalk out a budget and research thoroughly before making the final decision. Kids Room Furniture

Listed below are few ideas that can be used to furnish your kid’s room without costing a fortune:

  • Bunk beds: Bunk beds can be the best option if space is a constraint in your kid’s room. You can choose from a wide range of beds according to your requirements. Futon bunk beds can improve the functionality of your room by providing additional seating area. You can use a loft bed if you need extra space to keep a desk or a small cabinet.
  • Nightstands: Make sure you choose the nightstand matching the décor and color theme of your kid’s room. If you want to provide a traditional look you can buy wooden nightstands. For an elegant and modern appeal, metal night stands can be the perfect choice. The material you choose should be durable.
  • Dressers: If you are looking to buy dresser with mirror, make sure its height is in accordance with that of your kid. It should be easily accessible and functional for your child. Dressers are available in a wide range of materials and styles. You can choose the one that is apt for your kid.
  • Storage furniture: You can keep your kid’s room organized by buying storage furniture. You can buy bookcases to make a small library. Cabinets with drawers or shelves can be chosen to keep clothes, toys and other items of daily use. Make sure you scrutinize your kid’s requirements and buy furniture accordingly.
  • Bedding and rugs: You can add charm to your kid’s room by choosing appropriate bedding and rug. To make a visual statement, you can buy beddings in floral designs and vibrant colors. This can help in creating playful environment for kids.
  • Other accessories: You can accessorize your kid’s room by purchasing appealing framed art. You can choose from a huge selection of wall stickers and decals. Canvas art can also be a good option to accentuate the look of the room. You can also buy table and nightstands to brighten the room.

Ways To Use An Ottoman In Your Home

An ottoman is primarily designed to be used as a footrest or footstool. Placed along the chair or sectional sofa, it allows you to rest your legs and relax. You can even create a comfy study area with a chair and ottoman.

However, ottomans have come a long way when we look up to their uses. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors, they are not just a piece of furniture to be used as a footstool. They can be used in various other ways, few of which have been listed below:

Stool or couchKilleen Furniture

If you are looking for a small stool or couch that does not take up much space, an ottoman comes can be the right choice. You just need to place it against a wall and add a few cushions. This is a perfect way to use an ottoman as an alternative to a couch.

Extra seat in the room

Ottomans can also be used to add seating space in your living room or dining area when the sofa/chairs have been occupied by the guests. You can even use it as a day bed by placing against a sectional sofa.


An ottoman eliminates the need of a lounger in the room. A long futon- like ottoman can act as a lounger for you to rest comfortably. It serves as a perfect alternative when you wish to relax or watch a movie.

Coffee table

Ottomans are a stylish replacement for coffee tables. Their height and shape make them a perfect option to serve drinks to your guests. You can even use it like a regular table to hold magazines, vases and books. If you have a low height ottoman, you can use it as an end table or side table for your bed.

Increased storage

The hollow space underneath the ottoman seat can be used to store books, electronic accessories, extra blankets, kids’ toys etc. You can buy an ottoman with a hinged or removable top. The storage space can also be in the form of an open shelf or hollow box.

Decorative piece of furniture

Apart from being functional, ottomans are great piece to create a point of emphasis. An ottoman in rich color and texture, placed in a room adds a quotient of extravagance. Ottomans with upholstered top serve as a decorative furniture item for your living room decor.

The above mentioned uses will help you put your ottoman to the right use.

Space Saving Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Space is always a constraint in small bedrooms. After placing the necessary furniture such as a bed, cupboard, dresser etc., it becomes quite difficult to find enough storage space for the daily essentials. However, by using some innovative ideas and making smart choices when buying furniture, you can definitely make the most out of the available space in your bedroom. Furniture Killeen Texas

Here are some space saving furniture ideas that will help you to keep all your necessary items without making the room look congested.

  • Shelves on Free Walls: The free wall of the room can be used for installing built-in shelves. You can keep your books, photo frames and lot of other stuff in these shelves. You can create different sections in the shelves to keep all the items in an organized manner.
  • Shelves behind the Bed: Shelves starting from the headboard to the ceiling can be a great way to organize all your valuable items like books and laptop. You can even display a beautiful scenery to accentuate the look of the shelves. The best thing is that these shelves take less space to accommodate a plethora of items.
  • Beds with Storage: When buying a bed, make sure you go for the one that has storage space underneath. These can store large items and do not take any extra space in your room. The storage space can be used to keep quilts, clothes and other items that are not used in routine.
  • Installing New Floor: To take the full advantage of the high ceiling and to increase the sleeping space, you can make a sleeping platform at the corner. Install a ladder to climb up to bed. Make sure that the ladder and new sleeping space is strong enough. The advantage of installing a new floor for sleepover is that siblings sharing same room will have their privacy maintained.
  • Dressing Table: A dressing table is another beautiful way to store your items. You can buy a wall mounted dressing table to avoid taking up the valuable floor space. If you go for a floor mount dresser, make sure you choose the one that comes with many drawers and shelves to keep your cosmetics, keys, documents and other important stuff.

For efficiently utilizing the space in your bedroom, you need to be more creative. Ottomans, benches and other seating furniture can also be used to add to the seating area while getting extra storage space.

Furnishing Balcony Spaces

Whether you have a balcony attached to your bedroom or living room, it can always be used as an extension of the room and transformed into a relaxing place. People often decorate and furnish their balconies to create personal and comfortable places where they can spend some soothing moments alone or with their families. Here are some tips on buying furniture for balcony:

  • Consider the size of the balcony: Before you start furnishing your balcony, it is esseFurniture Killeen TXntial that you consider its size. Make sure that the furniture that you choose fits well in the area. If you have a large balcony space, you can buy a 2-seater sofa along with a beautifully crafted coffee table or ottoman. However, if the balcony is small, you can consider having a pair of chairs with a small end table.
  • Material: You can opt for furniture made of PVC/plastic, wood, wicker, aluminum or wrought iron. Plastic is one of the most preferred materials because it is lightweight, inexpensive and durable. Wrought iron or aluminum furniture, on the other hand, can be heavy and sturdy. Wood furniture looks elegant but can easily get damaged in harsh weather conditions.
  • Lifestyle: If you use your balcony frequently for relaxing, reading or enjoying coffee with your guests, then should buy furniture that is sturdy and long lasting. If your balcony is not used so often, then consider investing in a basic set of chairs that do not require much maintenance and can last for a long period of time.
  • Weather conditions: While furnishing your balcony, make sure you choose waterproof furniture. Plastic furniture is the best option, as it cannot be damaged by rain. Even wrought-iron can be great for outdoors, but it should be painted from time to time.

By having good quality furniture such as chairs, coffee table and ottoman, you can enhance the appeal of your balcony and make it a relaxing place. Make sure you buy furniture that reflects your personality and blends well with the outdoors of your home. Using beautiful accessories such as colorful cushions, outdoor umbrella, decorative lighting etc., you can make your balcony an inviting place. You can also add to its look by placing some potted plants or hanging baskets.

Console Table Buying Guide

A console table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in the hallway, living room or bedroom. These tables are multi-purpose and add to the décor of the house. Console tables are available in an array of designs, shapes, materials and sizes.

Here are some points that you must consider while buying a console table:

  • Size: You should measure the available space and buy a console table of an appropriate size. You can place the table against any wall in your home. Killeen Furniture
  • Budget: You should determine your budget before searching for a console table. Certain materials can be expensive and require frequent touch ups. Thus, you should consider the price of the console table and its maintenance costs before making a decision.
  • Utility: You should determine the usage of the table before you begin your search. Buy a stylish table if you want to use it for decorative purpose such as placing picture frames, table lamp, flower vases or any other decorative pieces.
  • Style: The console tables are available in many styles such as vintage, contemporary, modern or traditional and you should choose the one that enhances your home décor. It should complement the existing furniture of the room. You can also consider purchasing a unique console table to break the monotony and add a different style to your room.
  • Material: Console tables come in a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass etc. You should purchase a table considering its usage and durability of the material. The maintenance requirements and longevity of the table are important factors as well. The console table should also be of a similar material as the existing furniture in the room.
  • Storage Needs: If you want to use the table for storage purposes, it must have a few drawers to store keys, newspapers or other important documents. You can use the top of the table to keep books, newspapers or any useful things besides displaying collectibles.

By considering the above stated points, you can buy a console table that is ideal for your home and suits your needs.

Teak Furniture- Care And Maintenance

Teak is a lightweight tropical hardwood commonly available across the South Asian region. This portable and elegant material is very popular for making furniture as it is classy and easy to maintain. Teak is adaptable and durable and thus it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak furniture is a highly preferred item in households that have a vintage theme. However, it requires periodic maintenance to retain its shine.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips for teak furniture:

  • Washing: There are specific teak wood cleaners available in the market. You just need to mix them with water and put on a clean cotton cloth to wipe off the dirt for the furniture. This teak cleaner can also be made at home by mixing any laundry or dish detergent with water and used to clear away dust.
  • Sanding: If the furniture has some stubborn or heavily ingrained stains, sanding with fine sandpaper may help in removing them. Make sure this sanding is done in the direction of the teak grains. Killeen Furniture StoreAfter this process, one may choose to re-oil the furniture or leave it in its natural color.
  • Sealing: If the furniture needs to be kept in its original golden-brown color tone, it should be coated with a layer of sealant. Using a sealant with a UV protection material is ideal for outdoor furniture items as it helps to keep the colors intact even with exposure to sunlight and rain. Sealing may be done once every two to three years.
  • Oiling: The reason why teak furniture is able to last for so many years is the natural oil and wax present in its texture. If your furniture is about five years old, you must use a teak oil to give it a fresh and new look. One may apply one or two coats, as required by the furniture’s appearance.
  • Avoid Harsh Handling: Teak furniture may require little maintenance but using harsh chemicals or steel wool sponges can damage its grains and make them rough. Always use cotton cloths or soft bristle brushes while applying teak-friendly cleaners.

The above-mentioned tips can enhance the look of your furniture while keeping it intact. Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase the durability and shine of your teak furniture.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Furniture Store

One of the most common questions among new homeowners is “Which furniture store to choose”. With such a competitive market and supply, it can be hard to choose the right one. There may be many furniture stores in a region that provide high quality furniture of different types like wood, leather, teak, stainless steel, rubber or plastic. But here are some factors which can help in differentiating furniture stores and making a choice between them.

  • Accessibility: The furniture store should be in such a location that it can be easily accessed. A buyer should choose a store which is near one’s residence in order to save the cost anFurniture Stores In Killeen, TXd time involved with the transportation of furniture. It can also affect the ease of maintenance while considering long time needs.
  • Quality: The furniture sold by the store should be of good quality. It should be made with excellent kind of material and must also be structured well to ensure safety and durability. Make sure that the furniture is assembled by experienced and skilled experts and has a quality seal marked on it. It should also come with a warranty in case of any unforeseen flaws.
  • Variety: An ideal store must provide a wide range of furniture so that the buyers get variety of options to choose from. This can help to choose according to the requirements and style needs of the families and homes.
  • Reputation: The image of the store in the local market should also be considered before buying furniture. One must pay attention to the reviews of previous customers and make a background check about the services provided. A satisfied clientele can be a sign of superior services and quality products.
  • Cost: One should always compare the prices of furniture offered by different stores and choose the one that fits the budget. There can be vendors in the market who may lower the prices of a furniture article to attract buyers but one should always check for quality and make sure that the costs are appropriate.
  • After sales services: Always inquire about the delivery and assembly services provided along with the furniture. This may help in saving transportation costs and efforts regarding assembly. Also question about the return policy in case there is a problem in the purchased furniture.

These were some of the factors that should always be considered while making the choice of a furniture store. Shortlist the suitable stores according to the above given points before buying furniture.

Before You Buy A Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas can be a great option if one is looking for space saving furniture options. They can help in providing the guests with a bed to sleep in, while not having to spare an entire room as a guest room. They can also assist in saving the expense of both, a bed and a sofa, and fulfill both the needs at once. A sleeper sofa is available in a number of types and styles. There are a number of things which must be considered while buying a sleeper sofa. Some of them are listed below.

  • Choose a type: There are a number of sleeper sofas available which differ in looks as well as the comfort they provide. There are sleeper sectionals, which provide a large arFurniture Killeen, TXea to sleep and chair sleepers, which offer a more limited zone to confide. One may also choose a futon or a sofa bed. They are foldable pieces of furniture which can be expanded into a bed in the night and used as sofas in the day time.
  • Measure: Sleeper sofas are available in a variety of sizes. They should be bought carefully after measuring the available space in the room. A sofa can make the room look congested and cluttered, if it is bigger than the required size. On the other hand, it may not fulfil the requirements if bought in a smaller size. Therefore it is highly advised to measure the available space and buy the sleeper sofa in accordance to it.
  • Check the mechanism: The ease with which the sofa turns into a bed plays a crucial role. Some of the sleeper sofas can expand with a simple push on the back, while some may need a great amount of effort. Before buying a sleeper sofa, it is suggested to make sure that it has an effortless opening and closing mechanism which does not involve any unpleasant sounds.
  • Consider the weight: Sleeper sofas come in a variety of sizes and their weight increases with the quality of material that they are built of. It is important to make sure that the weight of the sofa is manageable, so that it can be moved from one place to another with ease.
  • Pick a mattress: Mattresses are an important part of a sleeper sofa, as they can affect the amount of comfort that is provided. There are a few types of mattresses one can choose from, like innerspring mattress, air-coil mattress or a memory foam mattress. They have distinct features and provide different kinds of ease to the user. Make sure the mattress is comfortable and relaxing.

These were some of the points one must consider before buying a sofa sleeper. Visit your nearest furniture store to browse through the sleeper sofas and pick one according to your requirements.

Sofas For Home Entertainment Room

Most homes have an entertainment room, along with the living room, which is exclusively to have fun. The entertainment room can be used for watching movies, listening to music, playing games and many other fun things. An ideal entertainment room has a widescreen TV, DVD player and a music system along with the right furniture that lets you relax and enjoy your luxuries. Apart from adding furniture items that enhance the look of your entertainment room the main center of attraction remains the sofa which is used much more than any other component in the entertainment room.

Sofas for your entertainment rooms should be convenient Killeen Furnitureand comfortable enough to accommodate your guests. Since entertainment rooms are used for relaxing and unwinding, the sofas should be comfortable for sitting for longer hours. Sofas and sectionals offer comfortable sitting when you need to have comfortable sitting for playing games, watching movies or for family time. A few types of sofas available for the entertainment rooms are:

  • Sleeper sofas: Sleeper sofas are considered to be the most functional pieces of furniture. If the space in your entertainment room is limited, a sleeper sofa can be the best item to invest in. It can also help you turn your entertainment room into guest room if your guests are staying for the night.
  • Love seats: Love seats can be a great addition to your entertainment room. It is an S shaped sofa which is designed to seat two people in such a way that they face each other.
  • Chaise lounges: Chaise lounges are best when you want to relax while watching movies. It is a chair, with or without arms that can be lengthened to give rest to the legs. It has an adjustable back and is popular as a furniture item for lounging.
  • Recliners: Recliners can be a great addition to your living room. These can be easily reclined back with the touch of a button or for bringing up the foot rest. Recliners have taken the comfort levels to a whole new level and are very popular as furniture for the entertainment rooms.
  • Armchairs: Armchairs have side wings that give support to the arms of the person sitting in the chair. These are widely known for the comfort they provide and can be mixed with other couches and sofas to allow people to choose among various sitting furniture items.

With these versatile sofas and seating furniture, you can easily transform the look of your entertainment room. You should choose the furniture items carefully to see whether they go with the look and style of your entertainment room. These sofas give a sophisticated and comfortable look, making your entertainment room feel warm and inviting.

Tips To Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready For The Summer

SONY DSCWith warm days around the corner, you need to have your patio ready and outdoor furniture cleaned up for outdoor fun. Below is a list of steps that will help you address the cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor furniture.

Check the screws and bolts

In case any of the furniture has wheels, make sure that every nut, bolt and screw is intact. There may be nails, screws, hinges, etc, so make sure they are tightened, oiled and in proper working condition. If you find something broken or damaged beyond the point of repair you should replace it. But consider the option of fixing it first in order to save cost.

Clean the furniture

Outdoor furniture can withstand more wear and tear than regular furniture. It is designed to be kept outside and endure the change in weather. You should take certain measures to increase its life and longevity. Cleaning the furniture properly at least twice every year is a must. You should use separate cleaning apparatus for separate materials as per the suitability. The main body, cushions, slings, etc. should all be cleaned separately. You should use water to wipe any stains off, then use soap for more persistent stains. It is not necessary for you to use strong chemical solutions, unless the stains are overly stubborn. To clean the cushions, vacuum them first. By removing the dust over the cushions, you are ensuring that the cushions don’t become muddy from rain water or water from the garden hose. For deep stains you can use fabric cleaners. There are high strength products for the main body of the outdoor furniture as well which should not be used unless absolutely necessary. If however, you do wind up using them you should remove he cushions beforehand.

Use protective coating

When you buy a new outdoor long chair, table or any other furniture, it comes with a pre-coated layer of protective coating. When you clean the furniture, you end up removing this layer to a large extent. You should reapply it to protect the longevity of the patio furniture or rather to prolong it.

The foot caps

The foot caps or glides wear out over time, which is why you should get them looked into, before every season. Again, fix or replace wherever fixing or replacing is due and you’ll be all set to savor the summer season, outdoors.