Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture


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How To Make Your Living Room More Inviting

Living room is a place where we entertain our guests, host parties or enjoy a movie with our friends and family. Thus, it becomes highly important to make your living area inviting and comfortable. Decorating it in a right way will bring positive vibe so that you can unwind, rest and feel happy each day.

With the help of below-stated points, you can make your living room more entertaining and inviting.

Create A Focal Point

TV is a common focal point in most of the living rooms. It acts like a distraction and takes away the chance of striking a valuable conversation. Conceal your television by placing it inside a cabinet or move it to another room. Add a focal point with a fireplace, painting or mural. This will not only look good but will also add colors and uniqueness to your living area.

Add Comfortable Furniture And Arrange Them Wisely

The first step is to choose comfortable sofa, chairs and recliners. You can also add colorful or patterned pillows for additional comfort and style. The second step is to arrange the furniture wisely. Too much furniture will make even a large living room appear small and cramped. Remove extra furniture so that there is enough space to move around. The size of the room and furniture should also be taken into consideration.

Add Natural Beauty With Plants And Fresh Flowers

Give your living room a touch of natural beauty by adding plants and flowers. This will not only enhance the appearance of the room but will also add freshness and clean air. Opt for plants like Bamboo, Palm, Money plant, Massangeana cane, Anthuriums etc and place them on center table, near the sofa or on shelves. You can also use fresh flowers like lily, roses, orchids and carnations to add color and scent to your living room.

Make Sure There Is Adequate Light In The Room

Adequate lighting is essential for any room in your house as it has mood enhancing values. Large windows allow maximum light during day time but if you have smaller ones, place mirrors on the opposite walls. It will help in reflecting the light around the room and make it brighter. Opt for a variety of lamps and chandeliers to properly light up your living room at night. You can make use of accent lighting to highlight the important feature or focal point of your living room. String lights can be used on window or door frames.

Keep The Room Clean And Tidy

One of the most easiest and pocket-friendly ways of making your living room inviting is by removing clutter. Do not keep anything in the living room that you do not use. If you have a variety of room decor items, it is advisable to use them accordingly rather than displaying them all at once. Opt for shelves or storage furniture to keep your books, important papers, and decorative piece.

Experiment With Paints

Colors play an important role in setting the mode of a room. Dark colors add warmth whereas lighter ones can be used to create an illusion of space. For living room, you can use neutral colors such as blues, grays, whites and yellows. You can also opt for darker shades but make sure that they don’t mismatch. Creating a harmony among different colors is essential.

With above-mentioned points, you can make your living room comfortable and inviting. A few changes will work like a magic and create a place where everyone would love to be.

How To Choose Sofas And Loveseats



Your living room is probably the most used area in the house where you sit together with the family and relax. Thus, you should select your living room furniture cautiously that lives up to your requirements. By having quality furniture, you can create a welcoming and pleasant ambience. Here are some tips on choosing sofas and loveseats for your living space.

  • Measure the space: It is essential to plan and measure the Furniture Killeenliving space where you want to keep your sofa or loveseat. You should choose the style and design of furniture according to the décor of the room. Checking out some online stores or furniture shops will help you know what is in trend these days. Make sure you measure the doorways, hallways and staircase to ensure that sofa and loveseat that you select is easy to move in.
  • Consider scale: While looking for a loveseat or sofa, keep in mind the size of the room and existing furniture. Based on this, evaluate if the furniture you are buying will blend in with the rest of the items. Make a floor plan to know how your new furniture will fit in the space. Ensure that there is sufficient space around the sofa for easy movement. Avoid buying an oversized sofa/loveseat for a small room, as it will make the place look cramped and full.
  • Choose neutral and classic shades: It is worth considering whether the color of the furniture will look appealing in four to five years. Some shades soon grow out of trend, so make sure you invest in furniture in a classic and neutral shade. You can add bright accessories to provide good visual appeal to the living room.
  • Upholstery fabric: Choose fabric depending upon the furniture use and durability of the material.  Invest in low-maintenance fabric if you have kids and pets at home. You can go for silk, rayon, wool, cotton and linen; however, they need regular maintenance. It is good to invest in blends of natural and synthetic fibers, as they are strong, stain-resistant and long-lasting.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of the loveseat or sofa, it is crucial that you choose furniture that is comfortable.